I want to Thank Dr.Rod for what he did for me. I was in the worst pain of my life after my Atlas was dislocated and truly thought i would die from it. After 6 weeks of suffering I found Dr.Rod and this wonderful vibrational adjustment machine that was heaven sent.. I had prayed for answers and Holy Spirit Guided me to Dr.Rod and this amazing machine he had. that uses vibration to adjust that atlas bone. I didnt feel anything when he did it then I was thinking did it work ..? When I sat up the relieve was amazing!! Dr.Rod said I had the worse case he had ever seen. Normally 3 adjustments and your pretty well to go. I needed 3x a week for a while .. but each visit gave me back more mobility that before and soon I was able to walk again. I had been bed ridden and unable to sit stand or walk without someone holding my head up. Reminded me of the old game Rockem sockem robots. My blocks was completely knocked off and Dr. Rod fixed it! Amazing Dr. and he listens and clearly stays on top of new treatments and always wiling to learn new things. I cannot say enough about him and his staff. All wonderful! Definitely HEAVEN SENT.

-Jacqueline Bennett

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